A Microsoft Access database can have different types of tables including…

  • Local information tables
    Local information tables store, in your local database, information you wish to track.  This may include information about employees, clients, products, facilities, sales, purchases, equipment, etc.  Local information tables are usually set up for a database that is used by one individual. 
  • Linked information tables
    Linked information tables are similar to local information tables except the data is stored remotely in another Access database, or in a server-based database like SQL Server.  These linked tables are usually set up for databases that is shared by a team of people.
  • Supporting lists
    Supporting list tables store values that appear in drop downs, list boxes, and menus. These tables usually only have one or two fields.  These tables can be stored locally or remotely.
  • Temporary staging tables
    Temporary staging tables store information that is usually imported into or exported from the database, and then deleted.  These tables are usually stored locally.

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