Tom Chandler is a coach, a mentor, a teacher, and a Microsoft suite expert. Tom sincerely cares about people and wants to help them to achieve their goals. He knows what questions to ask and carefully listens to help determine the best solution.

I first met Tom during a transition in my career. Due to downsizing at the City of San Jose, my position was eliminated. Through the “bumping process” I found myself in another position that demanded a skill set that I did not possess. With Tom’s help I was able to understand how to work in an existing Microsoft Access database. By the time we were done, I was able to create and run queries to extract information that I needed to make decisions.

Tom and I worked together with another employee to develop a vehicle database for the City of San Jose’s Department of Transportation that was used to project the “useful life” of vehicles. This information was used to create a 5-year vehicle replacement plan AND to justify an ongoing annual budget of 1M for vehicle replacement.

I highly recommend Tom for his teaching skills as well as his data management skills. Since transitioning to a position at Valley Water in 2017, I have connected Tom to folks here in Human Resources who have also benefited from his expertise. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this referral.  Sharyn Evanichsharyn.evanich264@gmail.com408-250-4231

Sharyn Evanich

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Thanks so much Tom! You’ve made our jobs much easier with all of your hard work and we really appreciate it.

Sandra Thomas

dB Control

What would you say is unique about Tom Chandler and TechMentors?
Very accommodating. Professional, fast turnaround, solution oriented, proficient.

What do you think has been TechMentors’ contribution to your situation?
Improved our output and productivity.

How likely are you to use our services again when the need arises?
Extremely Likely

Sterling Petersen

Custom Fit Director, Bridgerland Technical College

What would you say is unique about Tom Chandler and TechMentors?
The combination of expert knowledge on Access and VBA, Clear and concise communication, professionalism, and Ian earnest desire to teach The subject matter.

What do you think has been TechMentors’ contribution to your situation?
Excellent training skills, and the ability to explain complex problems in simple terms.

How likely are you to use our services again when the need arises?
Extremely Likely

Dan Desmond

President, Desmond Resources

What would you say is unique about Tom Chandler and TechMentors?
Trust worthy, highly knowledgeable, patient, polite.

What do you think has been TechMentors’ contribution to your situation?
Tom, has created a database unique to our situation. I can call him anytime, talk to him about any sort of adjustment I would like to see and he make it happen.

How likely are you to use our services again when the need arises?
Extremely Likely

Annette Harrington

CFO, Hewitson

Sir Tom is the Bomb when it comes to Access database design and implementation for organizational use. Very hardworking and an effective dedicated task oriented individual, Tom is truly a one man programming department who can cover quality control, security needs, and program debugging to the level that Access and SQL lends itself to these tasks.

Bill Baumiester

CEO / Owner at RIAA-Ware Technologies, Bridgerland Technical College

Tom is an expert in his field, both as an applications trainer and a high level technical consultant. He is a pleasure to work with, delivers outstanding quality training and consulting, and is very customer oriented. Tom is a true professional in every sense of the word!

Michelle Ford

Customer Relationship Manager, Computer Magic Training

I scheduled a 90 minute session with Tom to help me get a MS Access database up and running for a project I’m working on. Tom was able to quickly understand what needed to be done. He walked me thru the process step by step and by the end of the session I had the key report I needed for my project. Tom was patient, knowledgeable, and effective. Best 90 minutes of one-on-one training I ever had! I would utilize Tom’s services again and recommend him to others.

Donna Mahood

Administrator, Stanford University

“Tom Chandler is Your Guy.!” was the reply I received upon posting a request for help with a software road block. In addition to that reply, I received the opportunity to watch a creative, efficient, problem solving genius at work.

An impromptu meeting, after a class he taught, was offered to see if he could direct me. In order to introduce myself, I waited until students finished their expressions of appreciation, excitement, and admiration for the professional project possibilities brought to light through his instruction. It was a privilege to wait.

With my data in hand from an outdated program, he converted it effortlessly creating a readable version for my updated software. Phase II required data to be linked to the software. With Phase III, things became even more exciting. His computer programming/engineering knowledge worked its magic.

Though he portrayed a humble professional demeanor, while observing him in action, I could almost see the synaptic transmission as he navigated with programmer expertise and set new instructions. He enhanced the software to meet my specific criteria.

I’ve observed, in a variety of industries, IT professionals create, set-up and maintain computer network systems, but, watching Tom Chandler’s creative process for an individual project was a delight. He is a diamond in the rough.

Janine Crozier

Mortgage Loan Partner / Executive Support, Stanford University

I have dealt with Tom mostly in areas concerning the Microsoft Business Suite and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable. But, more so, he is very generous with both his knowledge and time. As a small business owner, it’s important that I understand how my programs work. Too many times, impatient techs “steal” your keyboard, race through several applications and leave you wondering what just happened. Tom lets you keep your keyboard and patiently guides you through the solution YOU were after. Tom is an effective, creative teacher who can tailor his efforts to your particular computer expertise.

Michael McGurk

Production Director, KRTY/KLIV Radio

I first engaged Tom to develop a parts locator system for Nikon Precision Inc., in 2007.  Tom not only grasped the concept of my requirements, but he also learned our procedures and added value on what we were trying to accomplish with the new database.

We have been through my iterations of the Parts Locator over the years and Tom has been there to assist and offer new ideas for the many challenges we faced.

We also used Tom to develop another database for our tool ID system which helps us have a better understanding of our inventory, location, and movement of our tools.

Tom has also held Excel classes and provided excellent instruction plus material for future reference.

Tom has had an excellent working relationship with Nikon and has never disappointed us with the results.

Cecilia Vidal

Project Engineer III, Nikon Precision Incorporated