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Training Services

You and your employees need to be as productive as you can to make it in today’s competitive market. To become productive, people need knowledge and skill. In the past knowledge was gained by reading a book, or in a classroom with an instructor. Skill was gained through practice. Both took lots of time and included examples and exercises that had nothing to do with your business.

What if there were a better way? What if the instructor was a skilled mentor who first learned about your business and then created written lessons and exercises that applied directly to your business? What if the teaching was then recorded as it was delivered? And what if, after the instruction, the mentor periodically met with your people and followed up on their progress? Would all that make a difference?

TechMentors helps businesses make a difference.  To make your team knowledgeable, skilled, and productive we use the following generic courses to create custom curriculum, that will meet your needs. It can include your real-world examples, one-on-one or group training via Zoom, customized practice exercises, and follow up.

Excel Courses

Database courses

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Excel courses

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Access courses

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