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Are you a busy entrepreneur, small business owner, or department manager who is frustrated with technology? Do you ever wonder, since the computer has all the data, why it can’t give you the information you need? Do you have great people who can get you the needed information, but it takes hours or days to do so. Or, have your approached IT about creating an automated solution, only to have them say that it is too not worth their time?

TechMentors helps small businesses get more out of technology by creating automated solutions using existing programs like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access. For example, we helped a local utility company streamline their reporting process. They used to spend hours each week copying and pasting data from Excel into multiple reports. Now they just click a button, and in less than a minute the reports are ready.

Here are some examples of the kinds of projects we can create for you:


We can help you turn data into useful information by creating a computerized dashboard.  Did you know a computer report can be as easy to use as your car’s dashboard?  This dashboard, with its pie charts and bar graphs, can link, in real time, to data in your database or Excel spreadsheets.  With it you can perform what-if scenarios by simply clicking a button or choosing an option from a drop down.

Easy to Use Databases

Databases are everywhere, but the good ones are so easy to use that you don’t even realize that they are databases. For example, did you know that ATM’s and many websites are really just user friendly interfaces to a database? We create powerful databases for our clients that are as easier to use than surfing the web.

For example, many clients want our dynamic report interface that lets them choose a report, its time frame, related filters, and other settings.  It also lets them choose the report’s destination (paper, PDF, or Excel).

Macros and Templates

Do you work for the computer, or does the computer work for you? We have saved our customers’ time and money by creating macros and templates that automate otherwise tedious time-consuming tasks.

For example, we had a client who spent two days per month tediously re-entering and manipulating Survey Monkey data into Excel so they could produce charts for PowerPoint presentations. Together we created an Excel macro that imports the data and now produces the PowerPoint presentation in six minutes!

We streamline your business challenges

Do you have a project that needs doing?  Do you have a problem that needs solving? Do you have a complex process that needs streamlining?  Do you sometimes say “Can’t I just get someone to make the computer do the work?” Now you can!  A TechMentor can get the computer to do that job in a quick, and efficient manner.


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