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Participating Schools

Salem Hills – 5A S

Performance Time:
2:15 PM

Ryan Adair

Salem Hills Skyhawk Marching Band

Salem, UT

“Lords of Midgard” by John A Matthews II & James Densley

Musical Selection:
“Ashes” by Bear McCreary
“Temen Oblak” by Christopher Tin
“Horkstow Grange” by Percy Grainger
“Misty Mountains” by Howard Shore
“Welcome Home” by Coheed & Cambria

Drum Majors:
Camary Lofthouse
Ryan Harmer

Staff Members:
Daniel Stolworthy
Kevin Bateman
Kali Kreuger
Brian Alexander
Erin Bateman
Kevin Lovell
Rachel Moody
Jason Sanders
Sam Lofthouse
Miranda Scharffs
Ashton Grogg

The band would like to give special thanks to their staff, community members, and school administrators for their incredible support. We couldn”t do it without your help! The band would also like to express special thanks to the parents of the band for all the time they have volunteered this year. You are awesome!