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Input Masks: Face Masks for Data

What is an input mask? An input mask is like a face mask. A face…

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Farmer's Field

What is a field?

According to the Oxford dictionary a field is “an area of open land, especially one…

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Access Database Objects

Where did that name come from? As you work with computers, you come across terms…

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A Key to Getting Through Hard Times

Declaring Independence Today is July 2, 2020. Contrary to popular belief, July 2, 1776 is…

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Automated Actions

Logging Events How do you keep track of the things you are supposed to do?…

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Student Learning Preferences

Have you ever had the pleasure of trying to stay awake while the professor delivers…

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Quickly fill in the blanks

Have you ever had a need to quickly fill in the blanks of a spreadsheet?…

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The wonders of Ctrl G

When I teach an Introduction to Excel course, I challenge my students to a race,…

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Learning Shortcuts

There is a debate about whether Mickey (the mouse) is quicker than the Qwerty (the…

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Compact and Repair an Access Database

The Problem Access databases are designed to grow as they are used.  As additional records…

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