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Custom classes in your officeComputer classes in your office

TechMentors offers a full range of courses on popularsoftware applications for the PC.  We can deliver full-day and/or half-day classes in your office.  We specialize in customizing our courses to meet your needs.  For example, we can mix and match topics from the applications listed below.  Or we can work with you to develop courses using your data to give you a “real-world” example. See our course outlines page for a complete list of courses and their outlines. Then contact us to discuss the course(s) your team needs.

one-on-one mentoringSnippet™ Training
One-on-one mentoring

Sometimes a class isn’t exactly what you need.  What you really want is someone at your side who can show you valuable time-saving tips and tricks that apply to your specific project.

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Database DesignDatabase design

Databases are everywhere, but the good ones are so easy to use that you don’t even realize that they are databases.  For example, did you know that ATM's and many websites are really just user friendly interfaces to a database?  We create powerful but easy-to-use databases for our clients. 

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office automationOffice automation

Do you work for the computer, or does the computer work for you?  We have saved our customers’ time and money by creating macros and templates that automate otherwise tedious time-consuming tasks. 

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Web design and development

If your small business is ready for a new or improved website, consider our complimentary one-hour website design consultation.  You’ll see that there is a lot more to websites than most people think.  Together, we will take it beyond the "cookie-cutter" stage. 

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one-on-one mentoringProfessional consulting

Do you have a big project that you are avoiding?  Do you sometimes say “Can’t I just get someone else to do that task for me?” Now you can!  Let us get that job done in a quick, efficient, and professional manner. 

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Custom training materialsCustom training materials

Some people learn best from a video, others from a book, while others just need a one-page reference guide.  Call or email us when you need handouts, training manuals, training videos, webinars, or just a list of Tips & Tricks.

Effective PowerPoint presentations

Everyone has seen it – the PowerPoint presentation that is more about the “PowerPoint” than it is about the actual presentation.  Hire a TechMentor. Together we will create an effective presentation that will facilitate delivering your message with professional pizzazz. 

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