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About Tom

Tom Chandler is the co-founder of  His dream is to grow this business into a group of dedicated professionals who have the rare ability to understand both technology and people.

Tom brings to the business over 15 years’ experience as a computer trainer and consultant / programmer.  He has developed desktop and web-based solutions for Visa, Genentech, the City of San Jose, Blue Shield, Seagate and others.  He has also taught hundreds of students in basic- through advanced-level classes.  His specialties include all versions of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook), Microsoft Project, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe PhotoShop, and Intuit Quickbooks.

After graduating from BYU in 1986 with a Bachelor’s in Finance and a minor in Accounting, he returned to the Bay Area hoping to find work as a Financial Planner.  Every potential employer turned him down because he lacked experience.  Finally he found a position, through LDS employment, as an Accounts Receivable clerk for an Atari computer magazine.  Later, he took a position as a junior accountant at a Bay Area hospital, where he automated the process of creating monthly financial statements using Lotus 123 macros.  In 1992, Tom landed his first professional teaching position when he worked for CCH Computax teaching CPA’s how to use tax software.  In 1996, Tom was hired as the senior trainer / consultant for a local training company.  Finally, at the beginning of 2010, Tom went out on his own to start his own business.

Tom believes humility, honesty, and creativity are three vital attributes that separate TechMentors from computer geeks.

Many people who need help with technology are nervous or embarrassed because they think they are the only ones who don’t know what everybody else seems to know intuitively.  The last thing they want to do is put up with a geek who has an over-inflated ego.  But they love working with a mentor who is humble enough to recognize the student’s fears.  The mentor can help them see that the software really is complex and that many people think the menus and procedures are sometimes strange or illogical.

Customers are also looking for honesty – they want a good value for a good price.  They don’t want to just sit and watch a geek do everything at lightning speed, and then wonder, “How did he do that?” Instead, they want a mentor who will help them learn skills and provide documentation that will make the training have a lasting value that is worth their time and money.

Clients also want a trainer with creativity.  They don’t need a teacher who lectures or a nerd who reads out of a book.  They need a mentor who can see and hear the students’ needs and then adapt the training to meet those needs.

Tom believes listening, watching, and creating custom solutions are three vital behaviors that a TechMentor must have.  He must listen to his clients to find out their needs.  The mentor must also watch because often people only think they have the concept.  But, like a good teacher, a good mentor observes the performance of the students and provides additional help where needed.   Finally, the mentor—especially one who provides a custom solution like a web site, database, template, macro or custom program—must be able to not only create the solution, but also quickly adjust the custom solution because the first version seldom meets the client’s needs.

Tom and his wife Madeline are life time residents of the Bay Area.  They have seven children ranging in ages from twenty-two (22) to five (5).

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