How to Insert Clip Art

clip art

Programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel make it easy to insert clip art into your document, presentation or spreadsheet. The instructions below show you how to insert some Clip Art into your file and will give you some tips and tricks along the way.

  1. Open Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

  2. Go to the page or slide where you want to insert the Clip Art.

  3. From the ribbon choose Insert, Clip Art.

    Insert Clip Art

    Notice the Clip Art pane appears on the right.

    Clip Art Pane

  4. Optional: Increase the number of found matches by checking the option "Include content". This will allow your computer to connect to a library of additional media stored at Microsoft's website.

  5. Optional: Select or deselect the type of media (illustrations, photographs, videos, audio) to include by clicking the arrow in the Results should be: drop-down field and then checking the options you want. When finished simply click outside the dropped down box.

    Choose media type

  6. In the Search for: box type a word that represents for the type of clip art you want then press enter or click Go. In the screen below we typed "Apple."

    clip art search results

  7. Insert the image you want by clicking on it.

    insert image

  8. Optional: Drag the "size handles" to resize the clip art.

    resize image

  9. Optional: Drag the green circle at the top of the image green circleclockwise or counter-clockwise to rotate the image.

    roate image

    roated image

We hope you have enjoyed these instructions for inserting clip art into your presentation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a TechMentor for help.

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