How to create a loan amortization schedule

A loan amortization schedule can be very helpful when calculating the cost of a home loan. You can follow these steps to create an Excel 2010 amortization schedule.

  1. Start Excel 2010.
  1. Choose File, New
  1. Enter “Amortization” in the search box and then press enter.Picture of Excel 2010's File New screen

    A list of templates will be displayed.

    Picture of a list of amortization templates

  2. Select the “Loan amortization schedule” template and click Download.

    Picture of the download button

    The template will be soon displayed in Excel.

    An Excel 2010 spreadsheet based on the Amortization Schedule template

  3. Fill in the template with the details of the proposed loan.

    For example, in the screen shot below, I entered in the values for a 30 year, $200,000 loan with a 4% annual interest rate starting in December of 2013.

    Enter loan information into the spreadsheet

    Excel quickly calculates the numbers and displays the updated amortization schedule.

    The completed Amortization Schedule

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